4 Steps To Design Your Own Embroidery Sampler

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Have you ever wanted to demonstrate your skill in embroidery? If yes, you must have considered creating an embroidery sampler! Do you know how to make an embroidery sampler? Read on and understand the process of making one with Hunar Online Courses.

Step 1 – Choose stitches

It is important to decide upon the embroidery stitches that you want to use in your design. Precisely, decide upon what the stitches should look like. Paying attention to these details will help you plan out the sampler.

Step 2 – Use a standard pattern

Use a standard pattern. Any embroidery design can become a sampler of all sorts if you know the ways to include the stitches that you want in a standard pattern.

Step 3 – Create a layout

Now it’s time to create an embroidery layout. While creating a layout to design a sampler, you can prefer French knots for straight lines. You can skip the stitching part while dividing the lines and only stitch within the sections of the pattern.

Step 4 – Start stitching

Start stitching after creating a layout. This is the most important element of a sampler. Remember that the stitches can be removed while creating an embroidery sampler. With this, you don’t have to worry about wrong stitches.

Now that you know how to stitch your own embroidery sampler, if you wish to learn more of it, enrol with Hunar Online Courses and learn embroidery course online with video classes at your own pace.

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