4 Most Popular Fabrics Used to Design Indian Garments

4 Most Popular Fabrics For Indian Garments

The Garment Creation Process is a vast subject. A huge number of fabrics are used to create different pieces of outfit. Every region has a fabric, which has its own unique features.

Garment Creation requires complete knowledge about the quality and texture of the fabric used.

Here are four most used fabrics in Indian garments:


This is one of the most popular fabrics used to design garments for Bollywood actors. It is woven out of silk and is created with a combination of nylon and polyester. Women in India love this fabric because of its light-weight, hence is preferred to design party-wear garments like gowns and dresses. Young women adore sarees made with this fabric.


This is widely worn in summers. Cotton is comfortable and becomes versatile when combined with other fabrics. Cotton Kurtis, Palazzo, or suits are the go-to outfits for casual summer days.


Silk is considered to be a prized possession in India as it defines luxury. The way the sarees are designed from this fabric gives a classic look to each fold of it! It is mostly worn in weddings and festivals. You can learn Creating Indian Garment Patterns Online and design elegant sarees for yourself.


The soft texture of velvet makes women go crazy about this fabric. It was once worn by the rich and affluent, but is now more accessible to the mass. Velvet lehengas and evening gowns look stunning as bridal wear.

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