Applique & Patch Work Designs

Interesting Applique & Patchwork Designs

Embroidery is a craft that is loved by many and is generally considered a fun and relaxing hobby. It is an art which is used to decorate a fabric using needle and thread. To make an embroidery design look more beautiful one can also incorporate other materials like pearls, beads, sequins, quills and much more. In the modern days, embroidery designs can be seen on pretty much everything. You can spot beautiful embroidery designs on shirts, bags, cushions, caps, hats, blankets, denim, dresses and much more.

Applique and Patchwork was initially invented by the ancient men for keeping themselves warm, but now, it has become a vital part of Designing!

Applique means to apply one piece of fabric over another. It is usually shapes and designs that are placed in a decorative style over a fabric. It can be a cotton fabric, silk fabric or any other type. Sometimes, applique is enhanced by making the use of colourful threads and can be embellished with beads, stones, pearls and sequins.

Using small pieces of cloth and stitching them together to form a design, is known as patchwork. This can be considered as one of the best ways to recycle old and worn out clothes.

Let us take a look at the different types of Applique and Patchwork designs trending this year.

1.Stained glass window patchwork

Just like the other patchwork designs, this stained glass patchwork is also done by attaching pieces of tiny fabrics together. This usually forms a rectangular shape and can be kept as a window hanging! As the name suggests, this patchwork has a stained appearance.

stained glass window patchwork

Image Source- Wikipedia

2.Cathedral window patchwork

This patchwork is usually done by using bright colours along with pastels or white. This Quilting Patchwork and Applique design has a definite pattern and is usually made in square, rectangle or hexagonal shapes.

3.Somerset patchwork

Somerset patchwork is made in a spherical shape. There are two or more coloured fabrics used in making this patchwork! In this method, small rectangular pieces of fabric are folded into triangular shapes and then stitched on a foundation fabric. This is usually used for making quilts or cushion covers.

somerset patchwork

Image Source- Pinterest

4.Crazy quilting

Crazy quilting is one of the most fancy and interesting types of patchwork. For making this, tiny pieces of clothes with different colours, patterns and designs are selected and joined together artistically. This is very easy to make and can be found easily in the market.

5.Raw Edge Applique

This method is perfect for small projects and you create some sophisticated designs out of it without doing any extra work. In this method, you sew a piece of fabric on a background without finishing or turning the edges.

6.Multi-needle Hoop Applique

This is perfect for you if you are advanced and want to create a beautiful detailed look. This method makes use of machines and the placement stitches are created on the design. The background fabric is repositioned from time to time so that each section can be stitched properly.

7.Reverse Applique

This method lives up to its name. Instead of sewing the design of the fabric shapes on the top of the background layer, you style the fabric layers and stitch the pattern on the top. After that you remove the extra fabric to reveal the shape and colour of the fabric below.

reverse applique

Image Source- Vadel

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