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4 Home Decor Items You Can Make With Tie & Dye Technique

Tie & Dye is one of the oldest techniques used to make patterns on different types of garments. It is a method of adding colours in specific parts by tying them. A variety of dyes including acids, household materials like haldi, ujala & beetroot and vat dyes are used.

You can learn more about this technique by enroling in our Textile Printing Courses and getting trained from the experts in this industry. What could be better than beautifying your décor items and garments exclusively designed by you?

After completing a Textile for Fashion course, you can decorate your home with the following items through the tie & dye technique:

Pillow Covers

One of the best ways to decorate your living room is by choosing beautiful pillow covers.  They make the room lively as well as appealing. These tie and dye covers in bright colours will give your room a vibrant and happy vibe.

Bed Sheet

Most people prefer embroidered or printed bedsheets. Knowledge in Textiles & Fashion Design will help you learn more about the tie & dye technique. You’ll also get to know about the types of designs which can increase the beauty of your room and give it a vibrant appearance.

Table Cloth

Dining tables add elegance to your room if decorated well. But the table is definitely incomplete without the additional accessories like table cloth mats, coasters and so much more. If you want to give it a personalised look, instead of getting your tablecloth from the supermarket, try the tie & dye method on a plain fabric for an interesting pattern. This will not only give an artistic touch, but also add a happy vibe.


When it comes to decorating something that can change the whole image of a room, what will you choose? Curtains, just like any other home decor item, holds a very important place in any room. Curtains with tie & dye patterns are unique but these will give a lively appearance and make your room noticeable. Add as many colours you want to change the look of your boring houses.

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