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4 Gemstones Used to Make Rings in Jewellery Designing

Women love collecting different types of rings. These are made using a variety of metals and enhanced by addition of various precious and semi-precious gemstones. While diamond is one-of-the-most loved stone, there are others that are more affordable and commonly available.

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Here are four gemstones used to make rings in Jewellery Designing:


Ruby is a deep pink or blood red-coloured, precious gemstone of the Corundum family. It is also known as Manik. Rubies are believed to be worn for success and growth in businesses, jobs, social status, authority and self-confidence.

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Emerald is a green-coloured, precious gemstone belonging to the Beryl mineral family. It is widely worn for success in businesses & jobs, creative or intellectual pursuits and knowledge-seeking ventures. Learn Jewellery Designing online and get guided by professionals.

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 The pure blue colour and excellent durability of saphhire is widely known. It is a member of the corundum family and makes for an exceptional gemstone. But not all sapphires are blue. This September birthstone comes in every rainbow colour except red.

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Topaz is a popular gem that is a traditional November birthstone. Although frequently associated with golden yellow as well as blue, it can be found in a variety of colours, including colourless. The rare to find are natural pink, red and fine golden orange, sometimes with a pink tone.


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