4 Fashion Illustration Tips for Fashion Designers

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Learning how to draw a fabric with a pencil in a convincing way is an useful skill in fashion illustration. Whether you are an artist or a fashion designer, having knowledge in fashion illustration drawing helps you to draw stunning fabrics with realism. An Online Fashion Illustration Course can help you improve your skill.

Fashion Illustration

Here are 4 fashion illustration tips for fashion designers. These tips are not only useful in the perspective of fashion illustration but also helps you to draw anything.

Choose the right pencils

To start with, let’s talk about pencils. It is sometimes confusing to choose the right pencil with so many varieties of graphite pencils available out there. Using a 2B graphite pencil is recommended to draw fabric. This type of pencil is perfect to draw other things like sketching and for rendering shadows.

Focus on the big picture

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Although shading is a defining element to draw fabric, it is not recommended to start the illustration work by adding shadows without deciding on the right shapes and folds of the fabric.

Take enough time to get an accurate placement on all the major components of the subject and then move on to the smaller details. This way, you can save a lot of time while erasing darker pencil strokes later on.

Shade the light areas first

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Once you are satisfied with the line drawing, start drawing the shadows. When you start doing this, you will have an idea of drawing dimension and the appearance of the volume. You might think to change the drawing pencil to draw those shadows darker. However, to block out the general areas, a 2B pencil is the best.

Consider the texture

Considering textures is an important entity to focus while drawing. There are varieties of textures in fabrics. Some fabrics like satin, velvet, tweed or lace have their own distinctive look and feel due to their texture.

Use your observation to render the textures in a realistic way. Consider how the light is hitting the fabric and when it does, does it shine like satin? Or do you see a contrast between shadows and lights? Ask yourself these questions and use the pencil to shade accordingly. This helps you understand where to draw shadows and what to leave blank.

So consider these factors and analyse how a certain type of fabric would be draped over a body. These online basic fashion illustration will help you create convincing the illustrations to convey your ideas accurately. So enrol in our online fashion illustration course and get all the excitement through the Hunar Online Courses APP Today. Download Now!

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