4 Best CAD Tools Used for Fashion Design

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Technology has changed the way we perceive our everyday lives. There is a tremendous transformation in every industry including Fashion Designing. There are a lot of features that are included and many technologies that have been incorporated in this industry over the past few years. Computer-Aided Fashion Design (CAFD) is one such technology that impacted Fashion Designing.

cad for fashion design courses

A Computer-Aided Fashion Design software provides its users with various input tools to streamline the design processes like designing, drafting, documentation, as well as the manufacturing of products. It can be used for designing figures in both two dimensional (2D) and three dimensional (3D) space. Through this blog, you will learn about the four best CAD tools used for Fashion Designing.

1 – MarvelousDesigner

MarvelousDesigner is a software tool that allows creating 3D virtual clothing. With this tool, you can create several types of clothes like basic shirts, complex dresses or even suits. This tool is also compatible with other 3D software which makes it easier to edit your 3D model tasks.

2 – TUKA 3D

Tuka3D is one of the easiest 3D CAD fashion design software to use. It allows you to scan your model by adjusting various measurements. You can create a virtual fitting session using the animated model in the software. This animated model can do activities like dancing, running, and so on. Overall, this design tool helps designers to work faster by making the tasks easy. The virtual clothes samples have contributed a lot in this field.

cad fashion design courses

3 – Romans CAD

Romans CAD is a software that is created for the footwear industry and is precisely useful for leather goods. This CAD tool can create prototypes and allows the designers to make changes in the products with more accuracy. Romans CAD is a cloud-based program that is designed to work faster and to improve the communication between the designers and manufacturers.

4 – Rhino

Rhino is an efficient 3D modeling software tool that can be used in various industries including fashion designing. This is a professional tool and you can create accurate patterns for your final products and prototypes.

cad in fashion designing courses

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