3 Ways to Use Sea Shells in Jewellery Designing

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As a child, many us were fascinated by seashells and loved to collect them when we visited a beach. But, did you ever think about using them to make trendy fashion jewellery?

Seashells are unique & beautiful and these look even more beautiful when they are attached to beads and chains. You can make heads turn when you wear this stylish fashion jewellery.

Here are the 3 jewellery pieces that can be made using lovely seashells. Check them out:

1. Seashell Choker

A lot of us love to wear necklaces as they can enhance our appearance and complete our look. However, a normal necklace with simple chains and beads may not go well with your western outfits. This is one of the reasons why you should own a beautiful seashell choker. Now you can even make these fashionable pieces on your own by joining the Online Jewellery Making Courses in India.

2. Seashell Bracelet

Be it traditional or western outfit, bracelets look good with almost every outfit. You must be having many beautiful and lovely bracelets but a seashell armlet is something you shouldn’t miss out. The best thing about this jewellery piece is that unlike other delicate charms, you can wear it every day. If you have a seashell collection at home, you can use some of them to make this on your own by taking tips from the Handmade Fashion Jewellery Making classes online.

3. Seashell Earrings

If a bracelet or choker are not something you wear, then you would definitely like to own the seashell earrings. These are trendy, stylish & fashionable and wearing them will definitely fetch you a lot of compliments.

Did you know that making these earrings from your home is very easy? Now you can learn to design it easily at the Jewellery Making Classes.

Just like seashells, there are many other materials around us that can be used to make attractive fashion jewellery. With Hunar Online’s Jewellery Making Classes for Beginners, you can learn about all of them that too from the comfort of your home. Enrol in our creative courses today and get a government-recognised certificate by the National Skill Development Corporation.

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