3 Ways to Add Colour And Make Your Fashion Illustration Interesting!

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Fashion designing is one of the fastest growing profession these days. But, as a fashion designer, before you design the final outfit, you will have to make their sketches. Designers create a design on paper using colours and replicate them while displaying their artistry through ethnic, fusion and trendy garments.

If you noticed, many designers use the same techniques to colour their designs. But, if you are interested in making your own designs and want to try something new for you fashion sketches, here are 3 ideas that you should try. Check them out:

1. Use Prints and Patterns 

One of the most interesting ways to add colour and enhance your fashion sketches is by adding prints to them. You can draw your inspiration from a wide variety of designs available on the internet or create them by yourself. The Online Fashion Illustration Courses can teach you the right ways of creating an inspiration.

2.    Use Graphics

If you want to give a trendy touch to your illustrations, consider adding graphics to them. You can either choose bold and bright shades or go for contrasting colours with your design. You can learn to make unique & trendy graphics for you sketches by joining a Fashion Illustration Online Course.

3.    Use Lace Designs

You’ll find many beautiful lace designs in the market and the same designs can be used to make your fashion sketches stand out. The Best Online Fashion Illustration Courses teach their students to use colour pencils for making lace designs on fashion illustrations.

If you want to learn more about fashion sketching, consider joining Hamstech Online’s Fashion Illustration Courses. Enrol in our creative courses today and get a government-recognised certificate through National Skill Development Corporation.

You are just a click away from achieving your Fashion Designing Dreams.

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