3 Ways Candles will Beautify Your Home Décor

how to make candles

Candles add a rustic and elegant look to your home. You can beautify a simple corner by adding colourful scented candles. This will enhance your home and give an amazing fragrance as well.

You can learn the art of candle making online and create some with unique shapes and designs. Add a variety of colours and make bell, heart, oval-shaped or customised candles at home.

Here are three ways candles will beautify your home décor:


Place candles in a row on a dining table to give a unique look and make your boring weekday meals special. Make tall candles or medium sized ones for this purpose. You can choose to keep them on a stand or just on the table. Throw some rose petals while adding wax to the mould to add texture.

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Glasses or Jars

Candles in transparent glasses or jars look attractive. You can simply add wax of your favourite colour to a glass with a twig and you are good to go. To make it special add things like artificial leaves, glitter or feather. Enrol in Interior Designing course to learn more from professionals.

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You can add elegance to your interiors by adding them to glass lanterns. Make colourful candle sticks or tealights and choose a beautiful lantern. Place these in lanterns on your bed-side table or a cabinet for a vintage look. Learn Interior Design online and make some exclusive candles at home.

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