3 Warli Techniques You Can Learn with Our Online Fabric Designing Course

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Warli is a tribal art form loved and worn by almost all women in India today. It is a profound art for textile designing that you can see on kurtis, sarees, dupatta and other ethnic clothes. They look beautiful and each pattern has a message or story, making them even more lovable.

Here are 3 Warli designing techniques you can create with our Fabric Designing training classes:


Sarees made using Warli art can be created on various kinds of fabrics such as Jute cotton, Kerala cotton, Tussar silk and many others. They feature figurines and depict stories that could relate to a wedding, dance form, nature or something else.

Now, you can also learn to create such beautiful designs on sarees and many other fabrics with our online Fabric Designing course.

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Warli art is not exclusive just for sarees and kurtis, but even a dupatta can add an extra charm to your dress when designed with warli art. That is what makes it special to enrol in fabric design course as there are many unique designs which can add life to plain, boring clothes.

You can also learn to design such kurtis with Hunar Online’s Fabric Designing course form home and much more.

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Warli painted kurtis mostly have a romantic scenario that looks authentic and beautiful at the same time. Pair a Warli art kurti with a white legging, traditional jewellery and mojris to look ecstatic and breathtaking.

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Learn more about Warli art and other techniques of Indian Handpainting with our Fabric Designing training classes. Earn a professional certificate, get mentored by Bollywood celebrities and start your own business too.

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