3 Types of Zardosi Embroidery That is Trending This Year

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You don’t really need an occasion to dress up and flaunt your best collections. With Dussehra and Diwali around, it becomes more important to shop for elegant dresses with traditional touch.

Talking about the festive fashion, party wear dresses are incomplete without zardozi work. This is a type of embroidery that is done using golden or silver coloured threads and wires.

Here is a list of the 3 basic types of zardozi embroidery designs that are trending this year. Take a look.

Shisha or Mirror Embroidery

This embroidery is one of the most beautiful types of thread works that is done using mirrors. The tiny pieces of mirrors are attached to the fabric and then decorated with golden threads. This embroidery was initially crafted by the Lambada people in the olden days but now, this is practiced by artisans across the country. You can learn to beautify fabrics using this type of embroidery with a Textile Design Course.

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Dabka Embroidery

Dabka is a type of hand embroidery in which materials such as thin and light weighted wire are used. The Textile Courses teaches simple and easy ways to do this embroidery using silver or metallic coloured wires.

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Zari Work Embroidery

Zari is one of the most expensive type of embroideries where gold and silver threads are used. Silk or velvet fabric can also be used for this thread work and this is why it is usually found on bridal clothes. Enroling in a Fashion and Textiles Courses can give you a better understanding about zari work embroidery.

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