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3 Types of Wedding Dress You Can Design with Our Online Fashion Illustration Course

Weddings are not just a ceremony in India, but it is a grand festival that goes on for at least 3 days, no matter which part of country you live in. Also, shopping for weddings is something that women love. But if you want to wear something that is one-of-a-kind, learn to design your own clothes.

Here are 3 types of wedding dresses you can learn to design with our Fashion Illustration training lessons:


Lehengas are a top choice for wedding wear. There are available in many designs and patterns. Also, if you learn fashion illustration, then you can design your lehengas in your signature style. Then, find a tailor to get them stitched.

You can understand the technique to illustrate your own wedding wear with our online Fashion Illustration course.

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Saree is an age-old traditional wear which is worn in weddings. There are many different kinds of sarees available. Rajasthani designs are very different from Punjabi sarees and similarly, Assamese sarees are different from Bengali sarees.

Now, you can also illustrate various types of sarees with Hunar Online’s Fashion Illustration training lessons and get them stitched.

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Sharara is a modern wedding outfit that has become very popular, lately. Sharara is like a loose and flared trouser worn with a straight designer kurti. It looks beautiful and adds richness to your whole wedding outfit and requires minimum jewellery too.

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Learn to sketch many kinds of wedding wear with our online Fashion Illustration course. Start your own business under the guidance of Bollywood celebrities and earn a professional certificate upon completing your fashion illustration course.

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