3 Types of Tie & Dye Techniques You Can Learn with Our Fabric Designing Course!

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In order to look attractive, colours play a very important part. It can be achieved by using various tie & dye techniques to add beautiful patterns to simple garments. It is one of the oldest ways used by fashion designers to beautify clothes. They are done by gathering small portions of fabric together then immersing them in into dye baths.

You can learn more about this technique by enroling in our Dyeing & Printing course. You will get trained from the experts in this industry.

Here are the 3 types of tie & dye techniques you can learn to use with our Dyeing and Printing Online classes. Let’s check them out:

Marbling Tie & Dye Technique

As the name says, marble tie & dye resembles the print of marble on your outfit. You can try this type of tie and dye on a dupatta, kurti or a saree. Join our Textile Dyeing and Printing course now to learn more.

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Bandhani Tie & Dye Technique

Bandhani is a form of tie dye which is practiced in Gujarat. This technique involves dyeing a fabric which is tied with a thread at several points, hence producing a variety of patterns.

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Knotting Tie & Dye Technique

It is one of the most popular techniques used in tie & dye. One of the advantages of knotting is that you can tie as many knots as you want. It is most useful for long strip of garments.

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Learn more than these 3 simple tie & dye techniques! You’ll find these methods even simpler when you start learning our Government-Recognised Fabric Dyeing and Printing course from home and get certified through NSDC!

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