3 Types of Rose Gold Pendants You Can Design with Our Govt-Recognised Course

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Rose Gold is the most loved novelty in recent times. The jewellery made with it looks exquisite and different. You can now learn jewellery making course exclusively for Rose Gold & Diamond and also earn a certificate that is recognised by the Government with Hunar Online Courses.

Here are 3 types of Pendants you can design with Rose Gold,

Floral Pendants

The design, as the name suggests, is the designing of flower in a pendant but in the most unique and creative way possible and at the same time making it as attractive as possible. Learn more about designing different kinds of floral pendants by joining the best online jewellery making course in India.

Illusion Pendants

Illusion pendants consist of layered shining pendants made of rose gold and diamonds. The designing of an illusion pendant is easy but there many ways to design it. Learn how to create such pendants and much more with our Govt-recognised jewellery making course.

Cluster Pendants

Cluster pendants are advanced designs in the world of jewellery and they look gorgeous when matched with a suitable chain. The designing of this kind of pendant is very precise and on-point making it complement-worthy and life of every party you attend.

Now, you can also learn to design such elegant and exquisite jewellery using rose gold and become a stylish diva in jewellery making. You can also start your own business of designing jewellery by earning a Govt-recognised certificate upon completion of our course.

So, what are you waiting for? Enrol in our course today, get mentored by Bollywood celebrities and get certified by the Government of India.

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