3 Types of Ribbon Embroidery Flowers You Can Make

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Ribbon embroidery is the art of stitching décor items with ribbons. This technique can be used to create stunning 3D embroidered designs. One of the things that stands out in ribbon embroidery is its texture. Flowers are one of the most common designs that are stitched through this process. At Fashion and Textile Design Courses, you get to learn more about customised embroidery.

Here are a few types of ribbon embroidery which you can make.

Fishbone Stitch Flowers

Ribbon embroidered fishbone is stitched in the same way as the ones done with thread. It consists of a number of diagonal stitches within two parallel lines. Start by drawing two parallel lines. Now make a slanting stitch from the left side up towards the right; end the stitch at the centre. Repeat the same process for the reverse direction.

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Twisted Flowers

They are easy-to-make embroidered ribbon flowers. In this process, you have to thread the ribbon in a way similar to thread or stitch embroidery. Take the thread up from under the fabric. Now twist the thread, all the way to the needle. When you twist the coil completely, start stitching. Hold the coils with your hand and use the needle & thread to attach the coils to the fabric with small stitches. In Textile Courses you can learn more about these ribbon stitching.

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Embroidery Rose

To make a beautiful rose in Textile Designing, you have to cut 3 inches of ribbon and fold it to make a small bud. Tie the thread with the base of the bud. Cut off the extra ribbon from the bud. Use a needle and thread to fix it on the fabric. Insert the ribbon that you will use into a ribbon embroidery needle and curl it around the bud. Make more similar curls around the bud. Now start making small loops around the curls & buds and give this a petal-like look.

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