3 Types of Men’s Jackets You Can Design with Our NSDC Course

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Most men complain that they have so few options in stylish clothes, unlike women. But the variety of jackets available for men is vast. Now, you can learn to create various kinds of men’s jackets for your loved ones or start your own business with the best NSDC course in India through our Men’s Casual Wear Garment Making course from home.

Here are 3 types of jackets for men you can make with our Government- recognised course,

Bomber Jacket

This jacket is short, durable, has zipper in front and elastic waist or cuffs. It is also known as a flight jacket. Now, however, it is almost every man’s favorite in every profession as they are very comfortable.

Learn more about the fabric to use and designs you can create for a bomber jacket and much more with our online NSDC Garment Making course.

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Biker Jacket

Every man has bought a leather jacket at least once in their life and if that jacket is little rebellious, body fit and short then it is known as a biker jacket. These types of jackets can be easily go with any coloured jeans and t-shirt.

You can also learn to create leather jackets from home with Hunar Online’s Government- recognised course in Men’s wear and start your own brand of jackets.

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Hooded Jacket

There are many types of hooded jackets, all of them look very stylish and are a must-have in every man’s wardrobe.

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So, what are you waiting for? Learn more about these jackets by enrolling in our online NSDC Garment Making course in Garment Making from home.

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