3 Types of Indian Handpainting You Can Use to Make Garments, Jewellery & Home Decor

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Indian handpainting depicts various cultures and traditions passed down from generation to generation in different parts of our country. This makes fabric designing even more interesting and in-demand because of the exclusivity it provides.

You can also learn to create many kinds of clothes, jewellery and home décor items with our fabric designing courses from home.

Here are 3 types of handpainting crafts you can learn with our online fabric design classes,


Madhubani Art

There is a lot you can make using Madhubani painting. You can create kurtis, skirts, motif designs, shift dresses, cushion covers, kids wear and many other variations using the same techniques. Not just garments and home décor but Madhubani art jewellery is also being loved a lot lately.

Now, learn to design jewellery, clothes and more with our fabric designing course in Indian handpainting from home.

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Kalamkari Art

There are many varieties of garments and home décor items you can make using the Kalamkari painting technique. You can create tunics for women, string gift pouches, tops for kids, laptop sleeves, jar covers, scarfs and so much more. Not just that but kurtis made using Kalamkari art look amazing and stand out even if you are in a crowd.

Join our fabric designing classes to learn these and more at your time convenience from home.

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Warli Art

Warli art is very special and in-demand handpainting process in India lately. It depicts the old ages from the tribal regions of our country in a very beautiful format. Using Warli art, you can make wall hangings. Stationary pouches, design motifs & dupattas, tunic for kids, bandanas, skirts for women and so much more. Especially, the bags designed using Warli art are exceptional and are loved by young college and office-going women.

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By joining Hunar Online Courses, you can also learn these art techniques and get certified by NSDC & Govt. of India. You will learn all these under the guidance of Neeta Lulla.

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