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3 Types of Gowns You Can Learn to Sketch with Our Fashion Illustration Courses

The wedding season is here and we are all going to use the finest dress, style ourselves with unique hairstyle and mesmerizing makeup. The ceremonial times such as weddings or similar functions, are the best time to wear a gown.

The most amazing part is that there are so many types of gowns to choose from like Coronation gown, Mermaid gown, Pleated gown, Flared gown, Ball gown and many others. Now, with our fashion illustration courses, you can learn to create such gowns for yourself and others.

Here are 3 types of gowns you can sketch with our fashion illustration online course from home,


Flared Gown

The simplest yet most opted gown is a flared gown. They come in multiple types like long flared gowns, short flared gowns, net flared gown and many other types. These gowns have flares starting below the waist giving you effortless movement and comfort.

Now with Hunar Online’s fashion illustration classes, you can also start designing such gowns and see them come to life.

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Image source- Shilpa Ahuja


Bouffant (Pleated) Gown

A Bouffant gown is also called is Pleated gown simply because it has pleats. Just like a flared gown, this gown has pleats below the waist going till the bottom of the gown. The length of a Bouffant Gown may vary from knee-length to extra long for flow of the design.

You can join an online fashion illustration course to learn more about sketching gowns with perfection.

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Image source- Sarajapanwalla


Wedding Gown

Oh! The white gown from the heavens. These gowns are usually worn by brides in the Western world and they come only in white colour as it is their tradition. But the designs these gowns have is really ecstatic. There are many varieties, shades of white and styles they come in.

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Image source- Pinterest

So, what are you waiting for? By joining our fashion illustration course, you can also learn the art of illustrating gowns, skirts, dresses and more from the comfort of your home under the mentoring of Neeta Lulla with certification by Govt. of India.

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