3 Types of Garments You Can Make Using Kalamkari Art With Our Fabric Designing Course in Vijayawada!

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Kalamkari painting is done using a ‘kalam’ or pen for freehand drawing of a subject and filling the colours. These trendy patterns have gained a lot of fame in the Indian fashion Industry. There are various types of garments available in the market with this prints.

Fabric painting is an art of designing outfits in any way you want. You can easily beautify any old garment with stunning hand paintings. Join our Online Fashion Courses in Vijayawada and create some stunning piece all by yourself.

Here are the 3 types of garments you can make using kalamkari art in our Fashion Courses in Vijayawada. Let’s check them out:

Kalamkari Designed Skirt

If you have an old skirt at your wardrobe that you don’t wear much then you can design them with beautiful Kalamkari painting. Enrol now and Learn Fashion Designing Online in Vijayawada to design outfits.

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Kalamkari Designed Sarees

Sarees are the most popular wear among women. Now design your old or plain saree with stylish kalamkari paintings. It will give a new look to your outfit and appearance.

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Kalamkari Designed Dupatta

Designed printed and patterned dupattas are in trend now. They make any simple salwar look more appealing. Join our courses now to learn more about designing dupattas.

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Just like these, there are other types of fabric painting that can be used to give a lovely look for your garments. With Hunar Online’s Fashion and Design in Vijayawada, you can learn about all of them.

Enrol in our creative courses today and get your skills certified by the Government of India by NSDC.

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