3 Types of Clay Jewellery You Can Create with Our Jewellery Making Course

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Clay jewellery has gained popularity among young women as it looks stylish and every piece, unique. More often than not, women aren’t satisfied with just a few pieces. After all, the trend of pairing complementary as well as matching pieces has been ever increasing.

Because of this increase in demand, most designers have to constantly change the designs,materials, style and look of these pieces to keep up with the trend. With our thread & clay jewellery making course, you can now learn to create these modern designs from home.

You can learn these 3 types of jewellery made using clay with our jewellery making classes,


Clay Necklace

These are sleek, classy and minimal and that is why these are perfect for college and office-going women. These necklaces complement fusion and modern garments such as jeans & tops, dresses and Indo-western outfits.

Now, by joining our online jewellery making course, you can also become a creator and follow your passion for jewellery designing.

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Clay Earrings

These kinds of earrings are worn usually for festive occasions to brighten up your outfit. But apart from these special occasions, you can wear them for casual outings with your friends and you’ll surely bag a lot of compliments.

You can also learn similar jewellery designing online easily with us from home.

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Clay Bracelet

People love to wear these but there are not enough unique and modern designs available in the market. You could be one of these innovators with your unique skills.

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So, what are you waiting for? Join our certified jewellery making course from home and learn to design artistic pieces through easy video classes.

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