3 Types of Blouses You Can Learn to Craft through Garment Making

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When you decide wearing a saree, you should choose your blouse carefully. It should fit you well and look stylish. You can go for a simple, printed, embroidered or an embellished blouse. They can be of different designs and styles, so choose one that is comfortable. Garment making might just be the right skill for you!

You can join Garment making classes online and learn to craft different blouses from the comfort of your home.

Here are three types of blouses that you can learn to craft through garment making:


Boat Neck Blouse

This is one of the most common types of blouses. Boat necks are very safe and leave no room for cleavage show. You can use sparkled fabrics or heavy embroidery cloth to show off your blouse. These are perfect for broad-shouldered women.

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Collar Neck Blouse

Collar neck blouse accentuates your neckline and saves you from cleavage issues. You can customise the collar of your blouse by having thread work or embroidery over your collar. These are ideal for women with long, petite necks and well-toned collar bones. Learn Garment making online and craft this blouse for yourself.

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Peplum Blouse

These blouses are comfortable to wear and do a lot to enhance your waistline. With the extra fabric frills they get all the attention to your tender waist. These look elegant and are a popular choice in winters!

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