3 Tips to Design Necklines, Cuffs, Sleeves & Collars

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Styling the cuffs, collars, sleeves and necklines of the garments are of high importance in fashion styling. They come in different types and styles. If you are an aspiring fashion designer, you certainly have your own preference about them too!

While sketching a garment, the fashion designer can add some attitude or style into the garment by designing the collars, cuffs, sleeves and necklines appropriately. Give them due attention and you can ace the design for its great appeal and beauty. When you learn fashion illustration online, you’ll see that detailing the design of these parts of the garment is the crux to complete the design.

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You must be knowing that it’s the fashion illustration which creates the first view of the garments in a collection. When you learn about the illustration of a garment in fashion illustration classes, you get to learn in detail parts of it with its different properties. These properties are garment type, shape, colour, patterns and accessories.

The embroidering of collars or necklines is a designing practice that is done in liberal measures, particularly in the Indian garment design industry. While training at a fashion illustration online course, you will learn to do exquisite embroidery and patterns on garments like blouses. These include embroidery techniques like Kalamkari.

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Now, if you are already in love with designing necklines, cuffs, sleeves and collars, you could learn about a few tips that could help you in making these designs great!

  • To make a symmetrical collar, sew in a directional way for a symmetrical collar. It is essential that both sides of the collar are in the same shape.
  • Why not make a Peter Pan collar to your regular dress using a beautiful doily?!
  • You could make a long sleeve, short and make a frill bow at the end to make them look cute.

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There are just a few ideas. You can get more ideas when you join Hamstech Online’s Fashion Illustration course! Learn from your home, at your pace and use the tips given here to start exploring.

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