3 Softwares You can Use for Fashion Illustration from Home in Jaipur

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The first step to create unique fashion for fashion designers is to illustrate them on paper or on computer. In recent times, most designers prefer computers as it helps in easy storage and can be easily edited.

This is why they use several software to make their work easier. If you want to become an ace designer, learn to illustrate designs on computer with our best online Fashion Illustration Course in Jaipur.

Here are 3 software you must learn about to polish your illustration skills:

Adobe Photoshop

It is one of the most user-friendly software because Photoshop helps in creating icons and vectors in almost no time. Now, you can also learn drawing the figure & face, adding colours, giving the perfect folds and so much more by learning Fashion Illustration online in Jaipur.

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Adobe Illustrator

If you sketch most of your designs, there’s nothing that beats Illustrator. From sketching the framework to adding designs, it is super easy with this advanced software. Now learn this art and many other shortcuts from home with Fashion Illustration Programmes in Jaipur.

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CorelDraw is basically used for 2D and 3D illustrations with easy steps to work, especially for designers. This software helps you create neat designs because of its advanced tools and helps you master computerized designing with ease.

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Want to know more about how to design fashion with computers? Then join our computer-aided design for Fashion in Jaipur and start learning a new skill from home through easy video classes in your own language and get certified!

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