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3 Reasons You Should Choose Hunar Online To Learn A New Skill!

Hunar Online is known for its creative courses and helping the students in building their skills. Thousands of students, from across the country, pursue their passion in their own time.

With just one app, you can choose from over 20+ fashion, jewellery and bag designing courses in your language through easy video lessons. Here, you get an opportunity to learn from 4-time National award-winning designer and celebrity mentor, Neeta Lulla and get a certificate from the National Skill Development Corporation.

Here is how you can get Government of India & NSDC certificate with Hunar Online Courses:

Get certified from Govt. of India

After you’ve completed all your courses with us, you will get not just one but two certificates. Courses in Hunar Online are now certified by Neeta Lulla and the National Skills Development Corporation. These certificates will indicate that your skills are at par with the industry standards and you can start your own business or land a dream job in leading corporates.

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Learn Anytime, Anywhere

One of the best parts of learning with Hunar Online is that you can start learning anytime through our video lessons. During breaks, while relaxing at home or while you are stuck in the traffic, choose your own time. With these courses you will also earn Certificate from the Government of India.

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Learn in Your Language

Do you find it difficult to learn in English language? Don’t worry, now you can easily learn Hunar Online Offered NSDC courses in your Hindi or Telugu and get certified by Govt. of India.

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Isn’t this process easy and informative? So why wait? Download the Hunar Online App and immediately enrol in our creative courses. Start your journey of building a government-recognised skill today.

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