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3 Most Fashionable Types Of Clay Jewellery

Clay is one of the most versatile materials to create jewellery. This material is often combined with other materials like resin, wood, metal, wire, fibers, etc. to create innovative ornaments. Through this blog, we’ll help you learn 3 most fashionable types jewellery made from clay.

Polymer clay jewellery

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Every brand has its unique way of making jewellery with polymer clay. The best aspect about the polymer clay jewellery is that it comes in various colours. It is soft and can be moulded into any shape. Due to its non-toxic nature, jewellery made of this type of clay can be worn by people of all ages.

Terracotta jewellery

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Terracotta takes its meaning from the phrase ‘baked earth’ as it is apparently a natural clay. Terracotta was traditionally used to create idols or figures of deities during special occasions. Sooner, this material became a popular pick for creating handicrafts and jewellery.

Metal Clay Jewellery

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Metal Clay is also known as Precious Metal Clay (PMC) and Art Clay.  Since this material is sturdy in nature and tough to form shapes, a jewellery making student may initially find it difficult to craft ornaments with this material. However, when created under the guidance of jewellery making course experts, metal clay jewellery will take a form of a stylish masterpiece!

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