3 Most Amazing Printing Techniques Used in Fabric Designing

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Have you ever been so amazed by a print of a fabric, that you have wanted to create it on your own? If yes, then you are in the right place! Designing textiles require patience and the knowledge of right techniques. Our online fabric designing classes will help you understand techniques used in fabric designing.

There are a few techniques that you need to know to add a unique look to your fabric. Learn from the best fabric designing institute in India about dyeing & printing techniques such as:

Block Printing

Creating prints is easy when you have the right tools and for block printing, all you need is a plain cloth and woodblocks of designs. Block printing uses woodblocks and that is why it is also known as woodblock printing. This is still a popular method of printing among modern designers.

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Screen Printing

The most straightforward and creative textile design technique of all is screen printing because it uses mesh. You can create your unique designs, use the mesh and see them come to life on fabric.

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Batik Printing

This Indonesian technique requires special tools like tjanting and copper stamp. The incredible thing about this technique is that once you have the tools, learning its designing techniques is very easy.

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So, what are you waiting for? Join our online fabric designing classes and design modern, traditional and unique designs by yourself anytime, anywhere! Download our app now.

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