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3 Kinds of Jewellery You Can Make Using Polymer with Our Jewellery Making Course

It is no secret that most women love jewellery and also it enhances their look. Most elegant jewellery are expensive. But, what if we told you that by using clay and simple threads, you can make unique jewellery? With our online Jewellery Designing course, now you can.

Here are 3 types of beautiful jewellery you can make using polymer with Hunar Online’s Jewellery Making courses:

Polymer Earrings

There are a variety of earrings that you can make using polymers such as studs, tassels and many others. Polymer earrings add flair to your outfits and make it more stylish. You can make many different patterns, textures and colours combinations that you love.

Now, learn more about polymer earrings and other jewellery making skills with our Jewellery Making training while staying safe at home.

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Polymer Pendants

The most unique handmade pendants are polymer pendants because of the creative textures they come in. There are marble pendants, cute flora & fauna pendants and other customised pendants that give you the perfectly minimalist look for every occasion.

Create more such pendants and other amazing jewellery by enroling in online Jewellery Making course with Hunar online Courses.

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Polymer Necklaces

You can make so many various types of necklaces using polymer like a beaded necklace, faux terrazzo necklace and other unique pieces that go well with every dress and makes you look more stunning.

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So, join our Jewellery Making courses from home and get mentored by Bollywood celebrities. Also, receive a professional certificate upon completing your course.

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