3 Jewellery Designing Ideas You Can Use To Make Terracotta Necklaces!

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As kids, most of us have played with clay and have given them some shape or structure. As an adult, you can use this same clay to make your favourite pieces of jewellery. They look gorgeous and can be perfectly paired with traditional dresses

One of the best things about clay is that you can easily mold them to your desired shape and size. With our Clay Jewellery Making Online classes, you can learn to make some beautiful earrings, necklaces, bracelets and so much more.

Here are 3 types of jewellery designing ideas you can use to make terracotta necklaces:

Leaf Necklaces

You can learn to make any kind of leaf-shaped terracotta necklace with our Jewellery Making Courses online. These beautiful neckpieces can make you look beautiful when paired with any ethnic garments like sarees or anarkalis.

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Multi-Coloured Necklaces

If you like to wear colourful garments and unable to find matching neckpieces, then design them yourself. These attractive colours in necklaces will also look fancy with your casual outfits. Join our Jewellery Making Classes online and learn to make them from home.

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Gold-Coloured Necklaces

Terracotta necklaces are a gorgeous piece of jewellery. They can be worn at any festive events and they even add sparkle to your whole look. If you want to learn to make traditional jewellery, then this type of necklaces are the one you should look out for! Join our Online Jewellery Making Classes and know more about terracotta jewellery designing.

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Apart from terracotta, several other common materials are available that can be used to make jewellery. Enrol in our creative courses to learn the art of making beautiful pieces of jewellery and get a government-recognised certificate through NSDC.

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