3 Jewellery Designing Ideas That Are Used to Make Nawabi Necklaces!

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If you’ve happened to watch movies such as Padmaavat, Bajirao Mastani or any other films that showcase incidents from the past, apart from the actors, what attracted you the most? Weren’t you amazed by the beautiful jewellery that were adorned by the celebs in these movies?

These stunning pieces of beaded jewellery also known as the nawabi jewellery. They were worn by the Nawabs, who were also the richest in the country. Hence, the jewellery they wear is different from the other cultures. You must have looked for these in many jewellery store. But now you can learn to make them yourself.

Here are the 3 jewellery designing ideas that are used to make nawabi jewellery. Check them out:

1. Jadawi Lachcha

This is a gorgeous choker-style necklace, embellished with diamonds, pearls and gemstones. This is a design that can beat any other type of jewel and you can learn to design it yourself by joining Online Jewellery Making Courses in India.

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2. Sat lada

This is another type of nawabi necklace consisting of seven strands, embellished with pearls and gemstones. This necklace starts from the neck and goes down to the navel. This necklace will give you the perfect royal look and you can learn to make it yourself at the Jewellery Making Classes.

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3. Trimani

This is one of the most interesting necklaces adorned by the nawabs. It is made up of three gemstones along with pearls and uncut diamonds. Now you can learn to make them by joining the Best Jewellery Making Course.

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