3 Great Ways To Make A Fashion Statement With Sleeves

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A garment has many interesting elements and the sleeve is one of them. There are different types of sleeves. The most preferred ones are puff, ruffle, bishop, kimono and angel sleeve. A unique sleeve can even make a simple outfit look stylish.

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Read on to know how you can make a fashion statement with sleeves.

Kimono Sleeves

Kimono Sleeves are inspired by Japanese traditional attire. It is unique and can change the look of any outfit. You can make a fashion statement by adding kimono sleeves to a kaftan top.

Fashion styling classes teach you to create these different types of sleeve patterns which help students to apply their learning in real-life projects.

Bishop Sleeves

The inspiration for Bishop sleeve comes from period movies, movies shot in a specific time period. It is fitted on the arm, flares out from the elbow and then narrows down to the wrist forming a cuff. The best style tip for bishop sleeves would be to pair them with a short dress of any colour.

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Practicing how to draft such sleeves in fashion styling course gives the students the confidence to work on tough gigs.

Puff Sleeves

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Puff sleeve is versatile and goes well with every outfit. You can apply puff sleeves on shirts, dresses, blouses and tops. Pairing a puff-sleeved outfit with cigarette pants is the best way to make a style statement.

Now that you know three great ways to make a fashion statement, be mindful of choosing the right colour and cut for your outfit. Apart from the mentioned sleeves, you can learn a lot more in a fashion styling college.

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