3 Garments You Can Beautify With Ribbon Embroidery!

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Everything that is bright and beautiful catches our attention. Be it a flower, an insect or a garment, isn’t it true that it is a little difficult to take our eyes off the pretty things around us?

When it comes to fabric, because of its fine texture and appearance, silk and velvet can be considered as some of the royal things. However, there’s another fabric with similar qualities- Satin.

Satin ribbons are very popular when it comes to fancy embroidery. From garments to home décor, you can enhance almost everything by creating beautiful patterns with satin ribbons!

Here are the 3 ribbon embroidered garments that you would definitely want to try. Check them out:

1. Ribbon Embroidered Saree

A saree is an evergreen outfit that has been in trend since forever. There are many beautiful designs used for this garment and the embroidered ones are definitely something that women love. When compared to all the types of threadwork, this is unique and attractive. Now you can learn to beautify your sarees with this amazing handcraft by joining the Ribbon Embroidery Online Course.

2. Ribbon Embroidered Kurta

As kurtas are comfortable and used for everyday use, a lot of women love shop for a wide variety of this attire. A simple kurta is perfect for a casual look, however, a ribbon embroidered kurta looks bright and beautiful. The Online Ribbon Embroidery Classes will teach you to beautify your plain kurtas with this artistic handcraft effortlessly.

3. Ribbon Embroidered Dupatta

A lot of ethnic garments are incomplete without a dupatta. From simple to heavily embellished, you can find different types of dupattas on most traditional wear. However, a lot of party wear outfits come with a simple dupatta and if you do not like them, you can enhance it with ribbon embroidery.

Apart from ribbon embroidery, there are many other types of thread work that you can add to your collections. With Hunar Online’s Hand Embroidery Classes Online, you can learn all about simple, traditional, smocking and ribbon embroidery that too in your own language from the comfort of your home!

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