3 Garments That You Can Tailor with Your Leggings

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Recycling old clothes has been a popular trend in the Garment Creation process. This method is used to make fashionable garments out of the old ones.

If you take a Garment Creation Online course, this is one of the subjects taught. One of the common Indian garments that most women own is the leggings. You will be amazed to see how you can turn these into trendy outfits.

3 garments that you can make from a leggings:

Crop Top: One of the most easy-to-make garments from the leggings, is the crop top.

To start with, fold the leggings properly from the centre. Then cut the neck for the top. Now cut the sleeve as per your desired length and you are ready to flaunt it.

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Pencil Skirts: You can turn your old leggings into a beautiful pencil skirt in a few simple steps.

Measure and cut the leggings to get the desired length of the skirt. Cut its middle part until the end. You will see that it looks like an unstitched skirt. Stitch the sides and you’re ready to flaunt it at work or in a party.
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Jacket: Who doesn’t love jackets? Instead of throwing away your old leggings, turn them into lovely jackets.

Cut a part of the leggings from the centre. Then slit the top layer from the middle. Cut the sleeves and they are ready to be worn.

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