3 Garment Making Ideas to Design Trendy Kurtis!

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Be it a corporate event or a party- you can always steal the show with a classic kurta! It can add grace to your simple jeans & trousers and make heads turn in a crowd.

However, you’ll get bored of wearing the same type of kurti again and again. Hence, Hamstech Online has introduced the brand new Garment Making Courses that will help you make some beautiful kurtis with one-of-a-kind designs and set the trend.

Here are 3 of the many styles of kurtis you can learn to make from our creative courses. Check them out:

1. Layered Kurtis

A layered kurti is among the most trending garments these days. This outfit comes in many designs and the one with two layers is the most common. Each layer has a different colour and a unique pattern. Now you can learn to create beautiful multi-layered kurtis from the comfort of your home by joining the Garment Creation Courses Online.

2. High-Low Kurtis

A high-low kurti can be worn along with different types of pants and leggings. From straight to the diagonal cuts, from simple to fancy bordered, plain to panelled cuts, you’ll find unique varieties of this traditional wear in the market. Now you can learn to create some stylish designs of high-low kurtis by joining the courses that teach Pattern Making Basics for Garments online.

3. Front-Slit Kurtis

Usually, kurtis are designed with cuts or openings on the sides. However, a front-slit kurti, as the name suggests, has an opening in the front. This stylish kurti can be worn with jeans, cigarette pants, leggings or the other types of trousers. Usually, you’ll find a line of cute buttons on the bodice of this garment. There are many other designs of this striking outfit and you can learn to make all of them anytime, anywhere by Creating Indian Garment Patterns Online.

Want to know more about the other cuts, patterns and designs of a kurti? Enrol in our interesting Indian Garment Creation Courses and learn about all of them in your own convenient time. Now you can also get your skills certified by the Government of India through National Skills Development Corporation.

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