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3 Garment Making Ideas to Design Outfits with Tassels!

Fashion trends are constantly changing! So, after wearing an outfit for a couple of times, we get bored of it and toss that garment in the corner. Instead of discarding them completely, you can give these garments a new look by adding tassels.

There are many amazing ways add a new twist to your old ethnic garment. Now you can learn to make them on your own that too from the comfort of your home, only with Hamstech Online’s government-recognised Garment Making Courses!

Here are 3 types of garment you can make with the help of tassels. Check them out:

Dupattas with Tassel

Dupattas are one of the most common outfits for women. It can be styled with any traditional garment. If you have an old dupatta left at the corner of your closet and want to give it a new look, then join our Garment Creation Courses now and learn to create these beautiful designs.

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Kurtis with Tassel

Kurtis are a very stylish and traditional garment, which you can wear for almost every occasion. They are available in various colours, cuts and designs. Join our Garment Construction course to beautify the look of any fashionable garment by adding a few tassels.

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Saree with Tassel

Sarees are one of the most common traditional outfits owned by every Indian woman. Now give a new look to your old sarees by adding tassels to your pallu. Learn to make beautiful sarees effortlessly by joining our Garment Fashion Design courses.

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Just like these, there are many such techniques through which you can add elegance to your garments. With Hamstech Online’s simple and easy video classes, you can now learn about all of them and get a government-recognised certificate through NSDC.

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