3 Fashion Styling Tips to Apply Make-Up for a Perfect Day-Time Look!

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A long tiring day can reflect too much on our face. Dark, dull and exhausted eyes, tired face are the major symptoms. But there are times when after a tiring day, you have to look bright! Then what do you do? Solution lies in putting the right make-up the right way and looking all decked up!

The Best Fashion Styling Courses will suggest you that for day-time, you must wear subtle make-up.

Here are the 3 tips to apply make-up for a perfect day-time look:

Use a Foundation with Higher SPF 

Before you apply any make-up to your face, it is very important to cover it with the sun protection formula (SPF). As long exposures to sunlight can severely damage your skin, the Stylist Courses will suggest you to use a foundation that has a higher SPF.


Use Eye-liner and Mascara 

When you are running late or are too tired to apply make-up, a simple liner and mascara will do the trick. The Fashion Styling Courses will suggest you to use these products as they can cover your tired face easily.


Use a Bright Coloured Lipstick

A lipstick can be considered as a womans’ best friend. This is a product that can brighten up your dull and tired face within seconds. Many brands sell lipsticks that are bright, smudge-proof, water-proof and can be worn throughout the day. You can use such lipsticks to brighten up your look.


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