3 Embroidery Techniques to Learn with Textiles & Fashion Design in Chandigarh!

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The traditional art of embroidery is a very important Part of the Indian culture. The techniques of Chikankari, phulkari, Toda, Banjara, Kasuti, Kantha and many others, add richness to every traditional and ethnic garment. The exciting part is that you can learn all of this in your very own city, Chandigarh!

With our Online Fashion Classes in Chandigarh, you can now learn to create attractive thread patterns, from the comfort of your home and in your convenient time.  Our embroidery courses include more than 20 techniques and methods, using a variety of colours on different fabrics and garments.

1. Phulkari

Phulkari is the most famous type of embroidery stitched by a lot of women in Punjab. The amazing floral and geometric patterns makes this embroidery standout from the other types. Now you can learn to do this effortlessly by joining our Online Fashion Courses in Chandigarh.

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2. Chikankari

Chikankari is another beautiful type of embroidery that enhances the appearance of a garment. With our Dress Designing Course in Chandigarh, you can learn the simple and easy ways of doing this threadwork.

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3. Kantha

Kantha is a unique type of embroidery that is done on layers of cloth that are stitched together with the running stitch. This is a very simple type of threadwork and you can learn to do this with perfection by enrolling in our Online Fashion Classes in Chandigarh.

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So, if you love delicate threadwork and colourful embroidery patterns, start learning this traditional art today and design your own line of decorative fabric which can become everyone’s favourite in no time.

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