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3 Easy Fabric Jewellery Designs That You Can Make At Home

It is important to go by-the-book and when learning a craft like jewellery design. Jewellery Making Institutes adhere to the basic rules of jewellery making! However, every jewellery designer experiments with trending styles and unconventional material.

By the end of this blog, you are going to learn about one such unconventional material, Fabric.

Here are 3 different fabric jewellery pieces which are not only beautiful but are also easy to make.

T-Shirt Necklace

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To make a T-Shirt necklace, all you need is a couple of old t-shirts and a pair of scissors. Begin the process by cutting horizontal strips of 1 or 2 inch and when you are done, hand stitch by folding the raw edges. You can also stick them with fabric glue. Your fantastic neckpiece is ready!

Cloth Cluster Necklace

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Creating a cloth cluster is truly an innovative idea. To make one for yourself, all you have to do is to take ornaments of all shapes & sizes. Next, take a strip of any leftover fabric and stitch the ornaments on it. You have a lovely necklace ready!

Fabric Button Earrings

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Here’s how you can use lost shirt buttons to make funky earrings. You will need some leftover fabric pieces, earring posts and glue. Start by wrapping the fabric around the button. Stick the earrings posts on one side and that’s it! You can now flaunt your own fabric button earrings.

As you keep experimenting, you can discover more amazing types of fabric jewellery. You will also realise that there are a plethora of other designs within fabric jewellery! Maybe, not all the jewellery making classes teach you how to make groundbreaking designs, but experimenting the material and tools can make that happen!

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