3 Easy Dyeing Techniques You Can Learn with Our Fabric Designing Course in Pune

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Dyeing is one of the oldest techniques of adding patterns and colours to fabric. They are one of the top choices of many designers as they can be easily done and gives amazing results. Now you too can try this fun and unique technique of beautifying fabrics with Online Textile courses in Pune .

There are different ways of dyeing a fabric. Some of these are:

Rubber Bands Dyeing Technique

A unique and easy technique to start Fabric Designing is the Rubber Bands Dyeing technique. All you need is a few rubber bands, colour of your choice and the cloth that you want to paint.

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Pole Dyeing Technique

Another technique of dyeing a fabric is to use a pole, tie the cloth around it and then dye it with a colour of your choice. There are multiple ways and poles you can use for this technique like a jar or other items which you see fit to get the desired result.

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Folding Dyeing Technique

Similar to the pole dyeing technique, this process requires folding of the cloth and then dyeing with the desired colour. After folding, select the areas you want to colour and start dyeing for the fancy patterns.

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