3 Different Methods of Applique Embroidery

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Applique embroidery uses fabric pieces to fill in the parts of a design. This classic style has a satin-stitch finish. Experts usually apply this technique on different types of garments and home décor items like table cloth, napkins and so much more. Enrol in online Textile courses to learn this type of embroidery from the comfort of your home.

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To become an expert, you must know the 3 major types of applique embroidery:

Hand Applique

Hand applique is mostly used for quilting and is great for making dimensional designs on a fabric. This is usually just sewing a shape to a piece of fabric using a thread and needle. Textile and Design courses are a great way to use this technique and make beautiful pieces for your home.

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Machine Applique

There are two methods for completing applique embroidery using a sewing machine. In the first method, you have to cut and stitch the designs on your own. In the other method, you can buy the pre-cut shapes from the market and just stitch it in a zig-zag way.

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Fused Applique

If you want to create an effective design in no time, the fusing method is the best option. Here, fabric shapes are fused to the base of the cloth using a gum-like substance. Then machine stitching at the top, holds the pieces together and gives it a clean finish.

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