3 Crucial Fashion Tips For Men At Work

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The way you look matters a lot at your workplace. With workplaces becoming more casual, it is difficult to choose a work attire that stands out.

Here are 3 Fashion Styling tips from a fashion design perspective so that you get the right and impactful workplace attire.

Switch To Custom-Wear

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No one size fits two people anymore. It is important that you switch to custom-wear that lends comfort and confidence. When you need a coat, be it a cool blazer or a double-breasted one, it’s best when it’s customised as per your physique and personality.

Wrinkle-Free Shirts

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Refinement is a virtue at the office space and hence wrinkle-free shirts are a must. It can be a wrinkle-free fabric or an ironed one, the key is to look smooth and refined. Neutral colours are usually most accepted as they are the coolest and most welcoming.

This is why every Fashion Styling institute teaches the theory of fashion and colour to help you design appealing garments.

Pay Attention To Accessories

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Accessories can define your entire outfit. The perfect man’s office attire is more than just what they wear. Every piece of accessory makes an impression. The modern working professionals have their own way of wearing accessories at the workplace.

Fashion & Personal Styling is evolving and the trends of office fashion are keeping pace with the changing times. So watch out for the latest craze while designing work wear for men or women.

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