3 Beautiful Types of Tie and Dye Pattern

tie and dye classes

Fashion is mostly influenced by a geographic location, place, culture and people who wear them. We see a lot of fashionable outfits available in the market, about which we might not know. In many Online Textile Courses, we get to learn about some of the fascinating designs that we can make from the comfort of our home.

Among one of these fascinating designs, tie & dye is known to be very popular. We often see people around us wearing them. Do you know that you can even make them at home? In Fashion and Textiles Courses, you will learn about these colourful designer techniques.

Here are a few types of tie and dye folding techniques that you must know:

Reverse Tie & Dye Technique

Pinch the bottom corner of a shirt and pull it into a tube shape. Wrap rubber bands around the shirt about an inch apart. Mix one part of bleach with one part of water. Pour the solution into a spray or squeeze bottle and apply it to the shirt. Allow the fabric to bleach to a desired shade, immediately cutting off the rubber bands. Rinse the shirt thoroughly and wash it. Lay the damp shirt out on covered surface and apply desired shades of dye over the bleached sections.

tie and dye courses

Firecracker Technique

Damp a t-shirt, then scrunch it into a tube shape and wrap a rubber band around the T-shirt about a third of the way down from the top. Repeat the process from the bottom third. Add your favourite dye to the top third of the shirt which is above the rubber band. Later, add another colour onto the bottom third of the shirt below the band. Wrap with plastic and let it set. In Fashion and Textile Design courses you can learn more about tie and dye technique.

Ice Dye Technique

Damp your t-shirt and lay it flat on the surface. Crumple your shirt into a small bundle using your fingers. Use rubber bands to secure the shirt. Lay the crumpled shirt on a rack over a large plastic tub. In this way, the dye can freely drip down into the tub and not make a puddle under the shirt. Place ice cubes on top of the shirt. For this technique, remember to use dye powder. Let the ice melt! It can take from several minutes to a few hours. After the dye has set, cut the bands. Rinse out the excess dye until the runoff is clear.

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