3 Basic Patterns Used In Textile Designing That You Must Know

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As a creative person, you may love working with patterns and print. An expert in textile designing for fashion fabrics can bring you a glorious opportunity of establishing a successful creative career. Print and digital designers have the opportunity to utilize various tools for producing extraordinary patterns for fabric.

Today’s ultra-modern technology helps you in textile designing using Photoshop, which was a distant dream even two decades ago. Besides, the availability of a remote textile designing course, such as the one offered by HOC helps you master the art, without requiring any prior experience. Before you go ahead and take admission to any of such textile designing courses, let us figure out the various types of fabric patterns you may come across during your career.

Block Repeat

Firstly, the block repeat a simple form of fabric pattern used in textile designing. This style is designed by simply arranging the original pattern, side by side in a basic grid. Hence, the block repeat may often look amateur if used incorrectly. However, they generally look great with simpler geometric motifs. Enrolling in a leading fashion styling training courses would give you an idea on the basics of pattern designing. Simply search for the best colleges for fashion styling online and give wings to your dreams.

Brick or Half-Brick Repeat

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Next in our list is the brick/half-brick pattern. In this pattern, the motifs are arranged just like bricks in a house; in horizontal rows, and the next row seems offset; creating an unsteady look. The terms ‘half-brick’ and ‘brick’ may be interchangeably used only if the offset in the later rows doesn’t equal to the half of the previous row’s motifs. Otherwise, it can simply be the brick pattern. Pursuing any fashion styling short courses online should provide you a basic understanding of the different patterns.

Diamond Repeat

The diamond repeat is a common pattern in fabric designing. As it sounds, the diamond repeat is the repeat of diamond-shaped figures.

The motifs are a pair of one diamond and half-brick repeat with minimum overlapping. However, each diamond can also be a combination of multiple smaller motifs. Top fashion stylist colleges, teach its students on how each design can be developed and how they differ from each other on the basis of layout and appearance. So, if you are passionate about bringing your design to life, the best colleges for fashion styling online are waiting to realise your dreams.

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